After much pondering and weighing my options, I finally made up my mind last week! I’ve decided to pursue something I’ve actually wanted to do since high school, which was a whopping 40 years ago.

I’m finally going to get my chef’s papers! This September, I’ll be starting accelerated professional chef training. Given my experience in the hospitality industry and as a cook (although without official qualifications), I’ll be able to complete it in just one year instead of two. Currently, I’m already working almost full-time as a cook at Van der Valk. I’m loving the job so much that I’ve decided to gradually reduce my IT work. There’s just too much uncertainty in the world right now, and it’s affecting my clients and new projects. Having a steady job as a cook offers me more security than the unpredictable life of a self-employed entrepreneur. So now, I’m actively searching for an organisation where I can transfer my clients.

In the coming months, I’ll take you along on my journey through culinary school. Additionally, from time to time, I’ll provide more insights into what the life of a cook entails.